We create and
distribute fresh fonts

To make the most out of your words. And though we’re based at the end of the world, our foundry utilizes the latest technologies available to work on a global scale. Latinotype was founded in 2008 as the first typeface distributor in Latin America. Since then, we have grown into a dynamic team of typography lovers, with offices in Santiago and Concepción, Chile. We are Latinos who eat, sleep and breathe typeface design. We are typeface and graphic designers, account managers, translators and programmers. With more than 200 original fonts and distributing many more, chances are our library has exactly what you’re looking for. If not, we can work together to create the font that will take your brand or project to the next level. We are partnered with leading font foundries such as Monotype.


Daniel Hernández

Daniel Hernández

Luciano Vergara

Luciano Vergara



We've got what
you need

To make the most out of your words. From custom licenses to logo refining and font purchasing, Latinotype offers a wide variety of services. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, contact us and let’s see how we can help you.


Let us create the
license you need

Choose the typeface that best fits your identity and let our expert team customize a license that makes sense.
For agencies or design studios who don’t want to act as the middle man, we can license directly to your client, giving them full control over their typefaces.
Custom <br><strong>Licenses</strong>

Font Design.

Anything worthwhile
has a message, a voice.

Typefaces bring that voice to life and create a unique identity. Make it the best, most identifiable voice possible with a custom-made typeface. Differentiate your company’s DNA and find an authentic connection with your target audience. We work directly with companies, as well as through agencies and design studios. We can work together to ensure you get the best license for your needs and budget.
Custom <strong><br>Font Design.</strong>

Corporate & Unlimited Licenses.

a.k.a. Brand-Specific Fonts

Corporate licenses allow companies to choose a font that can be used for their corporate image, as well as distributed among employees, branches, countries and agencies associated with the license holder. We also offer unlimited-use licenses so you never have to worry about future costs, nor user, web, app, ePub, CPU, digitals ads, gaming or broadcast limits.

Font modifications from our library to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a unique twist

On an already–made font, we can work together to adjust a typeface from our library and create your own voice. We will ensure that the modifications meet your conceptual and/or technical needs, as well as reflect your one–of–a–kind personality.

Global Language Solutions & Font // Extensions.

There are no language barriers at Latinotype.

We can extend our fonts to work with all alphabets and ensure font functionality. We can also extend any of our typefaces to suit particular style requirements such as additional weights, italics or dingbats.

Logo Refining.

Your logo is the face of your company.

Therefore, it is essential that it properly communicates brand identity and has a technically perfect design. Latinotype can provide the necessary support to make sure your logo puts its best face forward. With our experience in type design, we can ensure that your logo complies with all necessary trials and standards. This service is for design studios and agencies that need to review files prior to client delivery. It is a quick and low–cost process.

Font Purchasing and Licensing.

Do you need a font from another foundry?

We can advise you on licensing and management, as well as provide solutions to all of your project’s needs.